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Business evaluation and personal recOmmendations

Something You

Thank you so much for participating in our free business evaluation. Below is my evaluation as well as recommendations for each area of the business. I have also included an action plan of what goals and tasks you should be prioritizing based on your answers. ;)

Your Brand


Your brand is on point!

You are very clear as to what makes you unique and who your ideal bride is and your website and marketing clearly articulates this in every way!


I honestly don't have any recommendations...I am uber impressed!

Your Policies & Procedures


It looks like you are on top of your game as far as your policies and procedures!

My only question/concern is that you are having to answer the same questions over and over with clients or staff...I do suspect that this is more with your staff than clients.


My only recommendation which I will get to in another section in more detail is to possibly refine your stylist hiring, training and managing system.

Your Systems


Ok, so I suspect this is your sore spot and it makes perfect sense to me.

You are growing fast and your systems can't quite keep up with your growth AND with all of the amazing ideas you want to implement!

Systems are 100% going to be the difference between continuing to spin your wheels without and not having any time to work on growing the business OR growing very quickly and successfully!


What you have been doing may have been working for you before but I think it is time to review, refine and update where necessary! A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, "Will this system work if I were to double (or triple) my business tomorrow?"

Look at every area of your business but especially those areas that are taking you the most time.
Scheduling Stylists
Communicating With Stylists
Creating Contracts
Collecting Payments
Sales Funnel
Back and Forth with Brides

Whatever those areas are for you that are "time-suckers" start with those!

You are using a LOT of apps! I really think this can be streamlined!

I know that Wix has some amazing tools for systematizing and automating. As a matter of fact, Wix is THE best system I have found (above even Honeybook) for organizing your business. There is a little work involved on the back-end but once everything is set are golden.

FYI...I am in the process of creating a video course for how to set up ALL of your systems in Wix.
Sales Funnel
Interested Bride Workflow/Automations
Auto Generated Online Contract
Auto Generated Pre-Trial Questionnaire
Booked Bride Workflow/Automations
ALL of your Scheduling for Yourself and Crew
Online Booking
Online Trial Booking for ALL Stylists

We also offer to do this for you if you are interested either now or in the future. ;)

Your Marketing


The number of unique visitors that visit your website who end up requesting information is high...which doesn't surprise me at all since your website is so impressive!

I would say it's now time to focus on getting more visitors to your site!

I also think that your conversion rate is a little low, especially considering how impressive your website and work is. I would be curious to know what your "Sales Funnel" or "Interested Bride" system looks like.

You may want to experiment with different strategies and tactics to try and get this number up.

I know that you mentioned that if you get them on the phone that your conversion rate is 75% which is awesome! Maybe think of different ways you could streamline this process to try and get more customers on the phone if possible.

I could be wrong but it looks like the only marketing you do is your social media and vendor websites?

You are definitely in an awesome position to start branching out with other marketing strategies and tactics.

I also think that as the business owner, your main job is to market and grow the business so I am surprised that you aren't spending more time on this each week although, I know that you are super busy with all other areas of the business.

I know you have a social media manager and your feed looks great but I do think you could get more "organic" brides on your IG by using different hashtags and mixing things up a bit.


I want to see you get more visitors to your website. Your SEO looks great so I don't think that's something you need to focus on.

I would be curious to see what kind of system you have for nurturing relationships with other industry professionals. This would be my number one suggestion for branching out with your marketing.

This strategy is what I call "IRL Influencer Marketing" and it was our number one source of weddings when we still did hair and makeup at Hair Comes the Bride. If you can get in good with a number of venues, photographers and/or coordinators...this could mean a steady stream of new weddings coming in each month.

It is the kind of strategy that takes time to not only connect with but also nurture your contacts but it is well worth it. Thank you cards, gifts, giving them beautiful look books to display are just a few ways that you can nurture those relationships. BUT, it's important to slowly connect with them first in a way that focuses on how you can help them!

I mentioned switching things up with your IG hashtags and it does look like you are using a similar tactic that I recommend but I think you could take it to the next level. A lot of the stylists I have worked with have used it and have seen great results.

I have actually created a free video with more info:

Your Stylists & Staff


Now we are getting into the REAL roadblock! This does not surprise me at all...finding and retaining stylists is THE number one issue that all of my clients struggle with.


Here are a few tips for finding and retaining stylists:

1) First, determine exactly what it is you need and are looking for in a stylist and write these things down. This includes not only their skills and level of expertise and availability but also the character traits that you are looking for to ensure that potential stylists fit into your company culture.

2) Create a solid hiring, training and managing system for your stylists. Start by having a page on your website that clearly articulates your requirements for working for your company. Once a stylists knows what is expected and involved in working with you, create an online application for them to fill out. Doing this is going to eliminate a lot of time and weed out any stylists who AREN'T able and/or willing to work within the parameters you set out, including their availability and pay.

3) Once you have determined exactly what it is that you are looking for and you have either a website or an email template to send to interested stylists, it is time to cast a wide net! Create a page on your website, post on social media, post on job boards, craigslist and Model Mayhem. ANYWHERE you can think that you may find a potential stylist. Makeup counters and beauty schools can also be a good source for potential stylists, especially if you have a good hiring and training system.

I know that you mentioned that it makes you nervous to find stylists who aren't referrals from your current stylists but I think that it's important to cast a wide net. The ABSOLUTE key is that you have to create a "system dependent" not a "people dependent" business which is going to mean that it is imperative that you have a rock solid stylist hiring, training and management system!

Remember that this is YOUR business and you are not going to be able to please everyone. That’s ok…if you are persistent and patient AND you have all of your policies, procedures and systems in place, you will eventually find stylists who are exactly what you are looking for!

Create your policies, procedure and systems in regards to your stylists and adopt the attitude of "This Is How We Do It Here." If a stylist isn't willing to work within your parameters then they are not the right stylist for you. Just make sure that these parameters are clearly articulated so that you can be sure that any potential stylists are on board BEFORE you hire them.

Your Online Presence


Your online presence is great for your area!

You came up #1 for bridal hair and makeup Wayne, Pa in both organic search and Google My Business.


I think your online presence is good, I don't think you need to focus on your SEO right now.

My only suggestion is that you may want to try doing a Yelp ad and see how that goes. Yelp always shows up high in search results and lots of people trust Yelp when they don't have someone they know who can refer them to someone.

Your Dreams & Goals


I ABSOLUTELY see you achieving your dream of your "ideal" business in the next year!

You 100% have everything it takes and I feel like you are right on the verge of exploding!


My only recommendation is to make sure that you have a solid stylist hiring, training and management system.

Your growth is going to depend on ALL of your systems being on point but the stylists are going to be your biggest roadblock if you don't have everything in place before you grow too big.

I love the idea of "Luxury Packages" that is a great idea!

Your Frustrations


I feel your frustration!

You've got a lot on your plate and it is completely understandable that you would feel burnt out, frustrated and overwhelmed!


I think just getting your systems updated and streamlining are going to make all of the difference in the world!

When we were still doing hair and makeup services at Hair Comes the Bride, we did over 500 weddings a year but because I had such rock solid policies, procedures and systems in place, I could have taken a month off away from my business and it still would have ran smoothly.

I, of course, had help with running the day-to-day of the business and after you get your new space set up and hire new stylists, I think that is the next logical step for you. ;)


A successful business contains a lot of moving parts and each part plays a role in the success of the other. In order to create a thriving business, it is important that you take a "holistic" approach meaning that you understand how all of these parts work together and you recognize that the business is ONLY as strong as the weakest part of the business. 

Because there are so many moving parts, it often becomes confusing and overwhelming to know "where to start" or which area to focus on first. Below are our recommendations as to what areas or goals you should be focused on first, second and third. 

Goal Number One

You are growing fast and having ALL of your systems in place is going to be a make or break for you.

I know that you are already overwhelmed and burnt out but if you can find the time (and energy) to set aside time to devote entirely to your business will be WELL worth it for you in the end!

Goal Number Two

I have mentioned before but it's definitely time for you to create (or update) your stylist hiring, training and management system.

Goal Number Three

You touched on this in your questionnaire and I mentioned it earlier that I think the most logical step in your marketing is to create a system to connect with and nurture industry professionals.

I agree that the luxury client you want to reach is not going to be on The Knot, they are going to be using a wedding coordinator so that is the first place I would start.

Start making a list of ALL of the wedding coordinators and high-end venues in your area. Start following them on social media and liking and commenting on their posts.

You never want to jump right in asking vendors to refer you so it's important to start out slow and nurture a relationship.

Try to think of ways that you can be of service to them. Can you offer to do their hair and makeup for free to show them your work? Or, if you do styled shoots...that's a great angle as well. If you see that a coordinator has done styled shoots in the past, reach out to them to let them know how much you loved the shoot and let them know that you are available to do hair and makeup for any upcoming shoots.

Create a system to follow up with vendors after each wedding. This is also a GREAT way to connect since you have already worked with them. Send them an email letting them know how much you loved the wedding and enjoyed working with them. You may even want to send them a beautiful note card saying the same thing.

This can be a slow process sometimes but once you are in as the "go-to" hair and makeup for these vendors and could mean a stream of consistent weddings.

When we were still doing hair and makeup, we got in with just ONE popular high-end venue that had two locations and they would refer 40-50 weddings a year to us! And that was just one, we had several others who referred us as well. ;)


I love all of the companies I work with but it is not often that I see someone who has it together or has much potential as you do!

You are on the right track to take off very quickly!

If you have any questions or would like for me to elaborate on any of my recommendations, I would love to set up a free business strategy session. It's absolutely free and there is never any catch or expectation.
You can schedule that call online anytime here:

Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see where you take your business in the next year and beyond!



If you need more help or guidance, click on a link below for more resources: 

If you would like more personalized guidance, you can book a FREE 30 minute business strategy session to discuss your business goals in more detail!

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