business cOnsultIng & CoACHING

Business Coaching & Consulting

By Gina Ludwig

To help you start, run & grow a successful bridal beauty business!

  • Feeling stuck? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

  • Hitting Roadblocks in Your Business?

  • Not Sure the Next Right Move?

  • Not Able to Consistently Book Brides?

  • Ready to Grow Your Business But Need Guidance?

  • Facing Issues You're Not Sure How to Deal With?

  • Ready to Build a Team But Want to Do it Right?

I started Hair Comes the Bride over 20 years with a $200 investment and grew the business into a multi six-figure agency servicing over 500 weddings a year in several cities across the country. There is no area of running a bridal beauty business that I am not knowledgeable on and I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you!

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Is coaching or consulting for me?

Hiring a professional coach or consultant isn't for everyone! Just like you wouldn't hire a personal trainer unless you were serious about achieving your fitness goals, you shouldn't hire a business coach unless and until you are serious about your career goals! I can help guide you and support you along the way, sharing valuable insights, resources and advice, but it does take work and you have to be ready and willing to put in the time.

What's the difference between a coach & a consultant?

A coach is someone who is going to help guide you, support you and provide accountability but they don't typically give you specific business advice. A consultant DOES give you specific advice, direction and resources based on their knowledge, experience and expertise. My style is a hybrid of a coach and consultant where I will give you specific ideas of how, in my opinion, you can best go about achieving your specific business goal BUT, I will never expect you to take my advice at face value! At the end of the day, this is your business and you should only ever do what feels right for you and part of my job as a consultant/coach is to help you figure out what is best for you and your business!

How many sessions do I need?

It really depend on your specific needs and where you are at in your business. Just like hiring a personal trainer, many stylists hire me not only for the guidance I can offer them but also as a source of accountability. If you feel as though you need someone to be accountable to...monthly sessions may be exactly what you need to finally achieve your business goals. If you are having a very specific issue or roadblock in your business and you need some immediate session may be all that it takes. The best thing to do is to start with a free 30 minute discovery call so that we can discuss where you want to take your business, where you are now and what it's going to take to achieve your goals!


If you are thinking about working with a coach or consultant it is very important that you find someone that you vibe with! My style is very supportive and nurturing but I do also believe in a little "tough love" when necessary. The minute I take you on as a client, I am 100% invested in your success and I want to see you reach your goals as quickly as possible so if I feel strongly that something you are doing is hindering that success...I am going to let you know! I also like to work with clients who are ready, willing and able to put in the work to create the ideal business that will bring them financial freedom, allow them to do only what they love and are passionate about AND will allow them more time to enjoy life!

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Pricing & Packages

My fee for consulting is $150 an hour with discounts for purchasing multiple sessions.

I also offer considerable discounts for my Premium Members! 

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