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3 Steps to Get Your Bridal Beauty Business to the Top of Google

In today's oversaturated marketplace, it's more important than ever for you to gain as much of an online presence as possible. Social media is a great way to get your name out there but we all know that Google is the main place you want to be since almost 90% of all searches for products and services starts with Google.

Advertising on Google is always an option but how great would it be if you could show up on the front page of Google without having to pay anything! Showing up "organically" that is without paying for advertising on Google is always the goal and we know what we are talking about, Hair Comes the Bride currently ranks on over 700 keywords organically through Google, many of those on page one.

You may think that you need to be an SEO expert of hire someone to get you to the top but we did all of our SEO ourselves and you can too. Google's algorithm will always be a mystery and it is forever changing but there are certain key things that will never change and that you can easily do yourself to help increase your online presence.

In the video (and workbook) below, I have outlined The 3 Steps You Can Take to Get Your Bridal Beauty Business to the Top of Google.

If you enjoy this video, make sure and check out our library of videos and downloads to help you start, run and grow a successful bridal beauty business!

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