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5 Signs That Your Client Isn't Happy With Their Hair and Makeup

4 Signs That Your Client Isn't Happy With Their Hair and Makeup

Few things are more frustrating than having a client tell you that they are unhappy with their hair and makeup AFTER the trial or wedding day!

When we were still offering hair and makeup services at Hair Comes the Bride, I would occasionally have clients contact me after their hair trial to tell me how much they loved their stylist BUT they were less than thrilled with the stylist's hair and makeup work.

I would talk to the stylist to see what happened, and most of the time, the stylist would be surprised and saddened to hear that the client wasn't happy. "They told me they liked it, I'm not sure what happened."

Clients are oftentimes hesitant to come right out and tell you that they are unhappy.

Below are five tell-tale signs that your client is not happy with their hair and makeup and, what you can do about it.


#1 They Look In the Mirror With Anything Less Than Excitement

You all know that moment when you are done with a client's hair and makeup and they turn around to look in the mirror. If your client is truly happy, their reaction should be nothing less than joy and excitement.

If a client is looking as though they are analyzing every bit of their hair and makeup to try and decide if they like it or not...this is your sign to step in and take control of the situation.

WHAT TO DO: First of all, the worst thing you can do in this situation is to ask your client "Do you like it?" It's obvious they are less than thrilled but they don't want to hurt your feelings.

Instead of asking them if they are happy, AFTER you are done styling, make it clear to them BEFORE you start styling, that their happiness is your ultimate goal and you will not be offended if they want anything changed after you are finished. By maintaining this level of professionalism, you give your client permission to be honest with you, confident that they are not going to hurt your feelings.

If you have made it clear to them that they can be honest with you and they are still quizzically looking in the mirror, be upfront with them in a straightforward and professional manner. "I am getting the feeling that you aren't quite sure about this look. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to let me know your concerns. My priority is making sure you are nothing less than 100% satisfied."


#2 They Ask You For Your Opinion

It's normal for your clients to ask for your opinion about what would look best on them but, this should be done BEFORE you start styling.

If you are done styling and a client starts asking a lot of questions such as "Do you think my hair needs more fullness?" or "Do you think a darker lipstick would look better?" It's a sure sign they aren't loving their look.

Obviously, if you thought their hair needed more fullness or that a darker lipstick would look better, you would have done that in the first place.

The truth is...they are not actually asking for your opinion, they are trying to tell you that they don't like it and they aren't quite sure what to do to make it better.

WHAT TO DO: Obviously, don't tell them that if you thought something would look better, you would have done it that way (even though that's what you're thinking). You can give them your opinion but the only opinion that really matters is theirs. "I think this lipstick looks great with your overall look but, let's try a darker lipstick and see what you think."


#3 They Ask Their Friends and Family For Their Opinion

This is a tricky one because they could truly be happy but just want to be validated by their friends and family. They could also be looking to have their friends and family be the "bad guy" and tell you what they don't like about it.

WHAT TO DO: This is where it is up to you to assess the situation as well as step in as the professional to rein in the friends and family so you don't have too many opinions flying around. Again, this can be a tricky situation where you need to keep your cool.

Calmly and professionaly remind everyone that the bride (or client's) opinion is what matters most and tell them that you would like to know what they have to say.

Remember to remind your client that it is your goal to make sure that they are happy and you will not be offended in any way if they would like you to make any changes to their look.


#4 They Tell You That They Need to Get Used To It

If a client ever tells you that they like it but, they think they just need to get used to it...they don't like it! You know immediately when you look in the mirror whether you like what you see or not.

There may be the very rare circumstance where you are dealing with a client who never wears any makeup or does anything to her hair where this may be the case but chances are, 99% of the time, the client is not happy and no amount of time "to get used to it" is going to make a difference.

WHAT TO DO: Be honest and tell them that it is important that they are happy and confident NOW so that there are no regrets later on. Acknowledge that while they may think they just need to get used to it, you would like the opportunity to make any changes right now, to try to make them happy in the moment.


#5 They Tell You They Aren't Happy

This one is not very subtle but most clients aren't going to come right out and say, "I don't like it." More likely, it will be something to the effect of "It's a little fuller than I'm used to." or "I'm not used to wearing this much makeup."

WHAT TO DO: Statements like this are not your invitation to tell a client why they are wrong. Telling them things like, "The fullness flatters your face shape." or "You need more makeup in photos. " may be true but it is not going to make your client feel any better about her look.

Instead, advice your client of their options and let them decide. "I think the fullness flatters your face shape but it's more important that you are comfortable with it. Do you want me to make it a little less full and see how you like it?" or "It's typically a good idea to have makeup that is a little more defined for photos but, your wedding isn't all about the photos, you also want to feel like yourself. Do you want me to tone it down a bit and see how you feel?"

It's important to educate your clients but, let them make the ultimate decision. You may end up making the changes only to have them decide that they liked it better the way it was. At least this way, you have given the client their options and allowed them to decide for themselves, which will help eliminate any second guessing or regrets.

We hope that our advice has helped you to navigate dealing with situations that can often be less than ideal. Keep in mind that a client is hiring you, not only for your artistic ability, but also for your professionalism and ability to keep calm and do whatever you can to make sure that the they are happy.

As you become more experienced and deal with more of these types of situations, they will happen less and less and be much easier to handle when they do happen.



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