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Bridal Beauty Sample Rate Sheet Template

Never miss an opportunity to make a great first impression with everything you do including when a bride requests pricing information.

This sample template can be opened and edited using to create a beautiful and effective rate sheet.

Keep it simple and easy to understand and include your best photos that appeal to your ideal bride as well as testimonials to inspire trust through social proof. It is also a good idea to include the most important policies, procedures and frequently asked questions as well as all of your pertinent contact information.

Edit the template to fit in with your brand colors and make sure to update all contact info in by clicking on the anchor icon and adding your links.

See complete sample below and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you need assistance!


Cover - Update with your best photo and company logo.

Rates Page 1 - Update with your rates, photos, testimonials and logo.

Rates Page 2 - Update with your rates, photos, testimonials and logo.

Policies Page - Update with your photo, logo and most important policies and frequently asked questions.

Contact Info Page - Update with your logo, media mentions (or replace with photo) and contact information. Make sure and link your contact info directly in Canva using the anchor icon on the top edit bar.

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